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Pilanesberg Grasses List

Scientific Name
Common Name
GRAMINAE/POACEAE Andropogon chinensis
English Hairy Blue Grass
  Anthephora pubescens
English Wool Grass
Afrikaans Borseltjiegras
  Aristida adscensionis
English Annual Three-Awn
  Aristida congesta subsp. barbicollis
English Spreading Three-awn
Afrikaans Lossteekgras
  Aristida congesta subsp. congesta Tassel Three-awn
  Aristida junciformis Gongoni Three-awn
  Bewsia biflora False Love Grass
  Bothriochloa bladhii Purple Plume Grass
  Bothriochloa insculpta Pinhole Grass
  Bothriochloa radicans Stinking Grass
  Brachiaria brizantha Common Signal Grass
  Brachiaria eruciformis Sweet Signal Grass
  Brachiaria serrata
English Velvet Signal Grass
Afrikaans Fluweelsinjaalgras
  Cenchrus cilliarus Foxtail Buffalo Grass
  Chloris pycnothrix Spiderweb Grass
  Chloris virgata Feather-top Chloris
  Chrysopogon serrulatus Golden Beard Grass
  Cymbopogon excavatus Broad-leaved Turpentine Grass
  Cymbopogon plurinodis Narrow-leaved Turpentine Grass
  Cynodon dactylon Couch Grass
  Digitaria argyrograpta  
  Digitaria eriantha Common Finger Grass
  Diheteropogon amplectens Broad-leaved Bluestem
  Elionurus muticus
English Wire Lemongrass
Afrikaans Suurpol
  Enneapogon cenchroides Nine-awned Grass
  Enneapogon scoparius Bottlebrush Grass
  Eragrostis biflora Shade Eragrostis
  Eragrostis capensis Heart-seed Love Grass
  Eragrostis chloromelas (Narrow) Curly Leaf
  Eragrostis gummiflua Gum Grass
  Eragrostis heteromera Bronze Love Grass
  Eragrostis inamoena Tite Grass
  Eragrostis lehmanniana Lehmann's Love Grass
  Eragrostis pseudosclerantha Footpath Love Grass
  Eragrostis racemosa Narrow Heart Love Grass
  Eragrostis rigidior (Broad) Curly Leaf
  Eragrostis superba
English Saw-tooth Love Grass
Afrikaans Weeluisgras
  Eustachys paspaloides
English Fan Grass/Brown Rhodes Grass
Afrikaans Bruin Hoenderspoor
  Fingerhuthia africana Thimble Grass
  Heteropogon contortus Spear Grass
  Hyparrhenia filipendula Fine Thatching Grass
  Hyparrhenia hirta Common Thatching Grass
  Imperata cylindrica Cottonwool Grass
  Loudetia simplex Common Russet Grass
  Melinis repens subsp. repens Natal Red Top
  Panicum coloratum Small Buffalo Grass
  Panicum maximum Guinea Grass
  Panicum repens Couch Panicum
  Paspalum dilatatum Dallis Grass
  Paspalum distichum Water Couch
  Pennisetum macrourum Riverbed Grass
  Pennisetum thunbergii Thunberg's Pennisetum
  Perotis patens Cat's Tail
  Phragmites australis Common Reed
  Pogonarthria squarrosa Herringbone Grass
  Setaria lindenbergiana  
  Setaria megaphylla Broad-leaved Bristle Grass
  Setaria sphacelata var. sericea Golden Bristle Grass
  Setaria sphacelata var. sphacelata Common Bristle Grass
  Setaria sphacelata var. torta Creeping Bristle Grass
  Setaria verticillata Bur Bristle Grass
  Sporobolus africanus Ratstail Dropseed
  Sporobolus pyramidalis Catstail Dropseed
  Themeda triandra
English Red Grass
Afrikaans Rooigras
  Trachypogon spicatus Giant Spear Grass
  Tragus berteronianus
English Common Carrot-seed Grass
Afrikaans Gewone Wortelsaadgras
  Tricholaena monachne Blue-seed Grass
  Trichoneura grandiglumis Small Rolling Grass
  Urochloa mosambicensis Bushveld Signal Grass
  Urochloa oligotricha Perennial Signal Grass

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Pilanesberg Gate Times

  • March & April
    06h00 - 18h30
  • May - September
    06h30 - 18h00
  • September & October
    06h00 - 18h30
  • November - February
    05h30 - 19h00